Who we are

The ACT 2 Theatre Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit community theatre.

We are an all volunteer organization—governed by a volunteer board of directors, presenting shows that are cast and staffed with volunteer performers and crew and that are directed by volunteer directors. We currently employ no paid staff, though sometimes we have to contract services and skills for which we have no volunteers.


In 1998 the ACT 2 Theatre Company began its unique existence. Combining the efforts of experienced community theater actors and technicians with WVU faculty and students from the Robert C. Byrd High School Theater Department, an unusual theatrical partnership was formed.

It started with MOON OVER BUFFALO and continues with quality theater productions including musicals, dramas, comedies and concerts.

The RCBHS theatre program was discontinued a few years ago, but we continue to work with the school administrators and local organizations to provide as venues for our productions.

We are proud to offer each season for the entertainment and cultural enrichment of our community.

Our Board of Directors

Victor Folio, president and treasurer
Lydia Mong, vice president
Cricket Hall, secretary
Kathy Morrison
David “Rex” Kelch
Tammy Calef
Cyndy Simons-Straight

If you are interested in serving on our board of directors, please drop us a line at act2theatre at gmail dot com.